May 6, 2008

flowers, bugs and playing outside

For the last few days, we've been outside as much as possible. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous and mild. It seems like I can work in the garden as much as I'd like, and never break a sweat (even in the sun!).

This morning, I told David that he would be taking his wooden sword to Grandma's to play outside. This is a new one that he only plays with outside. A few minutes later, the house seemed quiet. I looked around for the boys, and lo and behold, they were sitting in the van with their shoes on, seatbelts on and swords in hand. They were waiting patiently for me to get the rest of us out there. That made me laugh! I don't remember them ever being that independant to go somewhere!

They just ran and ran outside up and down the hill and into the woods. By the time I was ready to leave for our house, they cried that they wanted to play more...I thought that was cute.

I went out and got a few tomato cages for our garden and also a few marigolds to put in. This year, I found the Pom Pom type because I think that variety is very cute as opposed to the scraggly looking little ones. I hope it keeps the critters away for now.
Today, David found a little container with a lid, and informed me that we need to go out and catch a few bugs to put in his cage. It made me think of how many earth worms I have run across in the last week. A TON! I tilled up the vegetable garden and planted my little plants and seeds, and at home, I've been cleaning up my garden a bit and pulling weeds (already!) BY THE WAY, if anyone has suggestions on killing a crazy little vine in your flower garden, please share. I have one that is coming from our weed infested yard into my flower bed. I'm contemplating using stump killer on the vine directly but am nervous the poison will seep into the ground and kill the perennials...Ok, that was a random thought!

Anyway, while at the garden store, I found a beautiful annual that I'm putting in my garden at home. It's called a Gazania Daybreak. I've never seen anything like it.
I can't wait to see how it does in the flower bed. I read that I will be able to overwinter it if I bring it indoors. We will see! My package says it has pink ones with the strip too. Pretty cool.
Well, it's late. I should go to bed. I'm fussy in the morning if I haven't slept well.
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