May 22, 2008

Happy Birthday, Margaret Ann...

Margaret Ann Gucker, You are 2 years old!
The things I want to remember about you at this age are
such special memories. The way you always are giggling
instead of talking. It's a happy little way to communicate
with a cheerful little smile.
I love to see you on the rocking horse (you think you own it, and for now,
you do!)
I love to watch you nurture you little dolls and try to be the
best little mommy to them. When you see your baby brother crying, you
are quick to go find a pacifier or blanket to soothe his little cry.
I love the many faces you make. It gets so much attention,
and makes you one of a kind. Your little coy looks and
big open mouth smiles.
Someday, sissy, you won't have that pacifier in your mouth,
and I really do think I will miss seeing you keep track
of that little lovey. Speaking of a lovey, your pink crochet
blanket that you rub under your nose reminds me that you feel sleepy.
I love the way you hide nearby to be close to me after I put
you to bed. I see your little feet stick out around the corner as
you lean against the fridge. I find you in many places as you have fallen asleep
outside your bed.
Margaret, you are a special little girl, and my baby girl.
I love you soooo much! Happy Birthday sweetie.
You are 2.
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