May 19, 2008

Mount Hope

Since J-Dub was an ity bity little guy, he has helped me
carry the laundry from place to place around the house.
This weekend, I realized that he just might not be able
to fit much longer! This baby stage is just going too fast!

We went to the Mount Hope Cemetary on Saturday. It was a
breezy and cool day. The hills and trees were just beautiful.
I found head stones that were from the late 1700s. Just
amazes me that this place has been around that long.

I'll bet you are wondering where Maggie is...
She was around. She just didn't make it into any

A few of the hills had very tall stairways
to get to other areas of plots.
There are tombs there and big monuments too.
The stained glass on a few of the tombs looked beautiful.
We looked down one hill, and it looked like a building facade, but
it was really a tomb that was built into the side of a hill. Very
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