May 11, 2008

New Hymn - #2

Gather at The Table
(To the tune of The First Noel)

At the table of the Lord, where the brethren meet.
There’s the heart of assembly, and fellowship sweet.
To know, and to be known. To declare where you stand.
Pilgrims must walk together in this foreign land.

Our bodies are clean, yet we still wash our feet.
We’re aware that our sins may cause sickness or sleep.
Confess, repent, keep your conscience clean.
Bless-ed is the pure heart, for the Lord shall be seen.

We remember through the bread, where the Lord of Lords led.
His body was broken, follow me he said.
Rejoice and do not fear, to carry your cross.
On the day of redemption you’ll suffer no loss.

In the wine we see the blood, of a covenant made.
Forgiveness of sins and a debt that was paid.
One cup is shared by all, and all are made one.
Keep watch o’er your brother, so says the Son.

Heavenly marriage that is forged, groom coming for bride.
An early taste now of what God will provide.
Dining all together now, a love feast so sweet.
Eternally joyful at our saviors feet.
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