May 14, 2008

Mother's Day and More

Did I ever tell you that I'm absolutely in LOVE with my family? My children are soooo precious to me!!!

JW (who seems to be taking on the name of his great grandpa...Dub), is now rolling to his tummy everytime we put him on the floor. I just love to see that sweet little smile! Right there, he's on a lovely quilt that his great-aunt Sharon made him. Doesn't Luke have the most precious smile?
Here is our family picture on Mother's Day per my request. It's nearly impossible to get everyone to look at the same time. Especially when we have 2 cameras pointing at us!!!! I find these pictures pretty comical.

Now this is my new favorite blanket for a cover-up when I've gotta feed the baby.
My friend, Amy made this for me, and wow! I really didn't think I needed ANOTHER blanket around, but this fabric is so nice and light. It isn't hot and folds up very small to fit in even the tightest packed diaper bag. Don't you just love the sparkle?

This week, I found this bamboo shade on clearance, and took the opportunity to get my boys a new shade for their room. Theirs had started falling apart, so it was due. Turned out, it was pretty much see through. I found this cute fabric, and modified the shade to become a nice starry window. The boys really get a kick out of it. David even asked if he could got to sleep with the light on so that he could see the glitter in the fabric. I thought that was sweet.

I made a curtain for the back stairwell, and have one more to go for that hallway. Pictures coming soon!!!!
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