May 14, 2008

Our Family

We had a nice Mother's day lunch with our family. Bill and his dad sure do look sharp in their new Fitness boxing sweatshirts!
Here's Lanie and Jarod with baby Dub. They were have so much fun with the kids...
Grandma Alice in her glory. She and Maggie were chillin'.
AND the boys in their "dirt shirts". These are presents from Grandma and Grandpa. They just got back from a trip. David told us that he wants to wear this shirt for the rest of his life. His daddy informed him that unfortunately he will outgrow the shirt...David says, hmmm...I guess I just want to wear this shirt everyday until it's too small. I haven't been able to peel it off for three days now...Fortunately, after his bath, I was able to slip it into the laundry. What a cutie pie! Oh, he and Luke also think that the point of a dirt shirt is to make sure to get it very dirty. Luke mentioned that he should get some paint on it...hee hee
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